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Saryou Tsujiri


The matcha parfait, which has become a signature menu item, is now a specialty of Kyoto. Saryo Tsujiri has been committed to making delicious tea and handcrafted products. These are the flavors that has been with the company since its founding.

Originally established as a “Tea Drinking Dojo (a formal training ground)” inside the Gion Tsujiri store in the Gion district in 1978, it had the intention to educate the younger generation of the delicious ways to drinking tea. The name “Tsujiri” incorporated three Kanji characters that reflects the gentle atmosphere of Gion in Kyoto in creating a place for relaxation: the “capital” of Kyoto (written in Kanji as “都”tsu), Shijo “road” (written in Kanji as “路”ji), and the “home” to Uji tea (written in Kanji as “里”ri). Before long, as a companion to tea, the store started to come up with and provide sweets that are to the likes of an Uji tea specialty store. After the debut of its signature item, the matcha parfait, Tsujiri became well known, both domestically and overseas, as a Kyoto teashop that would have people lining outside its stores. Regardless of how popular it has become, its commitment to handcrafting its products and its desire to providing the original umami of tea still remains the same. From those who visit with the desire, “when visiting Kyoto, visit Tsujiri”, to those who revisit to taste the flavors of nostalgia, Tsujiri continues to be loved today by a wide range of customers.

The maiko paintings showing Gion’s elegant atmosphere are changed seasonally. When the store first opened, real maiko similar to the ones portrayed in the paintings were seen to relax here.

Since Tsujiri’s founding, the bean paste is prepared in-house daily using carefully selected azuki beans. Additionally, from kanten (agar), shirotama (white glutinous mochi balls), to warabi mochi (Bracken starch mochi), the store remains persistent in handcrafting all of its ingredients from scratch. It goes without saying, Tsujiri uses high quality matcha for an Uji tea specialty store, and it proudly offers teas that are differentiated based on its compatibility with a menu item and its usage.

The menu to the flagship store in Gion can be found here→


Saryou Tsujiri Main Store


Adress 2nd &3rd floor, 573-3 Gionmachi Minamigawa, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto
Opening Hours

10:00 – 21:00, LO 20:00 (weekdays), 19:30 (weekends & holidays)
No fixed holidays