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Hatoya Zuihōkaku


As the only hotel in the Kyoto Station area with its own source of hot spring, Hatoya Zuihōkaku offers a calm and modern space for guests to relax.

The hotel was founded in 1950 (Showa 25) as “Hotel Hatoya” in its present location. Since then it has been accumulating hospitality history in front of Kyoto Station, and it reopened as “Kyoto Yumoto Hatoya Zuihōkaku” in 2014. Continuing the Japanese-style facilities and the hospitality spirit since its founding while valuing guests’ desire to fully enjoy Kyoto, the hotel was rebirthed as the only source of natural hot spring in the Kyoto Station area that incorporates modern-day amenities. Not only does it provide a comforting warmth during one’s stay in Kyoto, but also tea masters may have a lot of fun as there is a tea room in the hotel named by the Daisosho of the Urasenke family. The guestrooms in the hotel have a “Japanese modern” theme. Despite having a lot of Western-style rooms, many of the rooms include a relaxed Japanese tatami space in a corner of the room so guests in kimono can also change clothes happily. In April 2020, four types of rooms were also opened as a collaborative effort between the MBS mascot, Raion-chan, and Hatoya Zuihōkaku’s Hatopyon. The hotel also updates its latest information on Instagram and Twitter.

Hatoya Zuihōkaku is closely related to tea ceremony. The “Eijuan” tearoom on the second floor was completed under the supervision of the Urasenke family. It received its named from master Sen Genshitsu, and the open setting of the room allows for tea to be served casually. The tearoom can be rented. Please contact the hotel for details.

The large public bath is a natural hot spring that springs from 910 meters below the hotel ground. Guests may also enjoy the beautiful views of Kyoto from the semi open-air bath in the public bath area on the top floor of the hotel. The hot spring is exclusively for hotel guests, but there is also a one-day deal that includes meals and a soak in the hot spring. (Reservations required)

(One-day hot spring plan)

The hotel made an effort to incorporate Japanese charms and designs by including a tatami space and paper sliding doors in its guestrooms. It is a space that combines the comfort of a hotel with the comfort of a Japanese inn.

In 2014, the hotel had a grand opening after its renovation to reveal a modern appearance. The exterior has an illumination installation that lights up at night and changes with the season. Guests may also see works from well-known contemporary artist who are closely connected to Kyoto throughout the building.

In April 2020, the hotel opened two types of rooms with four different designs as a part of becoming a “hotel with hot spring and art”. The rooms hype up the fun of traveling and allow guests to feel a Kyoto-like atmosphere. The first type of rooms are collaboration rooms with the MBS mascot, Raion-chan, and the second type of rooms has a theme of “Guiding through Kyoto” with Hatoya Zuihōkaku’s popular mascot, Hatopyon.

There are two Raion-chan collaboration rooms, and one of them is of a bamboo forest theme. The entire room is colored in bamboo forest green and the walls are painted with Raion-chan as characters from The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter. Even though the room itself is a fun space just looking at it, green bamboo and brushwood fences were also added into the room with the help from the long-established bamboo store, Miki Chikusaiten, to create a room that enhances the Kyoto atmosphere.

Ending the bamboo forest mural is Raion-chan as Sen no Rikyū. Placed on the table are matcha and tea whisk, and next to it is a tea chest readied with tea bowls and tea cloth. Why not take a stab at whisking your own bowl of matcha in this room?

The other Raion-chan collaboration room is of a lantern theme. The window is decorated with lanterns from the long-established store, Kojima Shouten, in Kyoto. The lanterns soften the room’s atmosphere as the gentle light shines through the washi paper. The walls of the room are unified in deep red and painted with Raion-chan enjoying the four seasons and the annual events of Kyoto. There are many Raion-chans hidden around the room—on table lights and on bed sheets—so it is plenty fun and joy to find him.

Each of the rooms also comes with the following perks: original towels, drawstring bags, and mineral water with Raion-chan designs.

The other two rooms are of Hatoya Zuihōkaku’s mascot, Hatopyon. On the white walls of each room, one depicts Kyoto’s historical sites, temples, and shrines, while the other depicts the view of Kyoto from the hotel’s rooftop. The rooms also come with the following perks: original towels, drawstring bags, mineral water, and a stuffed animal.

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Hatoya Zuihōkaku



802 Minamifudodo-cho, Nishinotoin-dori Shiokoji-sagaru, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto




■Get off at Kyoto Station. We are about a 5-minute walk from the Karasuma Central Gates or the West Gates (on the North-South Free Passage side on 2F)
■Get off at Kyoto Station on the Subway Karasuma Line. We are about a 7-minute walk from the Central Exit
■Get off at Kintetsu Kyoto Station. After exiting from the Kintetsu Central Gates and taking the North-South Free Passage, it is about a 5-minute walk to our hotel
■We are about a 5-minute walk from the Kyoto Station Karasuma Bus Terminal